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Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science

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Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science (Phys Ther Rehabil Sci, PTRS) is an official journal of the Korean Academy of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science. The aim is to promote the effects of physical therapy and rehabilitation science including critical evidence, assessment, management, practice, and motion analysis. The journal focuses primarily on original articles across ...

Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2018;7:95-145
Original Articles
Use of real-time ultrasound imaging for biofeedback of diaphragm motion during normal breathing in healthy subjects
Ji-Eun Cho, Dal-Yeon Hwang, Joohee Hahn, Wan-Hee Lee
Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science 2018;7:95-101

Minimal Clinically Important Difference of Berg Balance Scale scores in people with acute stroke
Min-Jeong Song, Jae-Hyoung Lee, Won-Seob Shin
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2018;7:102-108

Fall experience and dual-task during gait performance for community-dwelling persons with stroke
Min-Kyu Kim, Eunjeong Kim, Sujin Hwang, Dongwook Son
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2018;7:109-113

Comparison of driving cognition on paretic side in drivers following stroke
Na Ri Gang, Hwa-Kyung Shin
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2018;7:114-118

Changes in upper limb muscle activity during smartphone usage while in stable and unstable positions and during gait
You Lim Kim, Suk Min Lee, Hyun-Soo Lee, Juyeong Song, Si-On Song, Min-Ji Seol, Yu-Mi Jang, Jin-Sik Im, Ji-Woo Im
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2018;7:119-126

Effect of foam roller, kinesiotaping and dynamic stretching on gait parameters with induced ankle muscle fatigue
Hye Rim Suh, Su-Young Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2018;7:127-133

The effects of functional electrical stimulation applied to the gluteus medius and tibialis anterior on stair climbing ability in persons with stroke
Jewon Jung, Yijung Chung
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2018;7:134-138

Review Article
Risk of falls in community-dwelling older adults aged 65 or over with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a systematic review
Sujin Hwang
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2018;7:139-145

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