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Fig. 6.

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Fig. 6. GR, CH force and time change according to table height
(1) RunUp NoGR (Y-axis), time (X-axis). (2) PreMax NoCH (Y-axis), time (X-axis). (3) peak NoGR (Y-axis), time (X-axis). (4) PreMin NoCH (Y-axis), time (X-axis). (5) RunDown NoGR (Y-axis), time (X-axis). (6) Peak NoCH (Y-axis), time (X-axis). (1-3) GR time from rundown to peak. (2-4) Time zone from PreMax to Min CH. (3-5) Interval time from peak to rundown of the GR. (4-6) Section time from PreMin to peak of CH, also called thrust duration. (1-5) Interval time from runup to rundown of the GR. (2-6) From the PreMax of the CH to the peak interval time.
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:130-9