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Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science

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Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science (Phys Ther Rehabil Sci, PTRS) is an official journal of the Korean Academy of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science. The aim is to promote the effects of physical therapy and rehabilitation science including critical evidence, assessment, management, practice, and motion analysis. The journal focuses primarily on original articles across ...

Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:207-364
Case Report
Isolated Bilateral Midbrain Infarction in A Healthy Female Adolescent: A Case Report
Dong Ho Yoo , Byunghoon Lee , Yong Beom Shin , Myung-Jun Shin , Jin A Yoon and Sang Hun Kim
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:207-213

Original Articles
Effect of 4 Weeks of Pilates Exercise in Women using Light LED EMG Feedback System on Posture and Balance; Randomized Controlled Trial
Jeong Eun Youn and Dae-Sung Park
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:214-221

Correlation Between Functional Movement Screen Scores, Lower Limb Strength, Y-Balance Test, Grip Strength, and Vertical Jump and Incidence of Injury Due to Musculoskeletal Injury Among Abu Dhabi Police Recruits
Hamad Alkaabi , Everett Lohman , Mansoor Alameri , Noha Daher , Aleksandar Cvorovic and Hatem Jaber
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:222-228

The Characteristics related to Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Cross-sectional Study, Data from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2015-2019.
Kyeongbong Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:229-239

The Effect of Posteroanterior Joint Mobilization Applied to The 3rd Lumbar Vertebra Movement of Adjacent Segmental in Healthy Individuals
Kang-O Oh and Sang-Yeol Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:240-250

Development of Personalized Respiratory Training Device with Real-time Feedback for Respiratory Muscle Strengthening
Merve Nur Uygun , Yeong-geol Bae , Yejin Choi and Dae-Sung Park
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:251-258

Na-eun Byeon, Jang-hoon Shin and Wan-hee Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:259-267

Effects of Breathing Exercise of Pilates on Dysfunction and Lumbar Flexibility in Patients with Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain
Sooyong Lee and Yusik Choi
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:268-277

Effect of Thoracic Joint Mobilization and Breathing Exercise on The Thickness of The Diaphragm, Expansion of The Chest, Respiratory Function, and Endurance in Chronic Stroke Patients
Hyunmin Moon, Jang-hoon Shin and Wan-hee Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:278-292

The Effect of Microcurrent Stimulation on Pain and Quality of Life in Women with Primary Dysmenorrhea
Minkyoung Kwon and Wonjae Choi
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:293-299

Effects of Gastrocnemius Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Training on Ankle mobility and Gait in Patients with Stroke
Yusik Choi, Hyunjoon Cho and Sooyong Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:300-309

Effects of Progressive Scapular Stabilization Exercise on Neck, Muscle Strength, Upper Extremity Function in Patients with Acute Whiplash Injury
In-Cheol Noh and Won-Seob Shin
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:310-319

Comparison of Effects on Static Balance in Stroke Patients According to Visual Biofeedback Methods
Kyu-Seong Choi, Il-Ho Kwon, and Won-Seob Shin
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:320-326

Comparison of Immediate Feedback in The Sitting Position of A Normal Adult and The Spine Angle in Two Other Sitting Conditions
Jinhyung Choi and Seungwon Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:327-333

Prefrontal Cortex Activation during Diaphragmatic Breathing in Women with Fibromyalgia: An fNIRS Case Report
Hyunjoong Kim , Jihye Jung , and Seungwon Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:334-339

Effects of Alignment of the Thoracic Spine and Ankle Joint on Muscle Activation During Sling Exercise
Hojin Shin and Gyeongseop Sim
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:340-345

A Study on the Determinants of Medical Institution’s Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Focused on the Effects of Service Quality Factors
Seungnyun Choi
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:346-354

Effects of Elastic Band Exercise Combined with Swiss Ball Exercise on Lower Extremity Muscle Strength, Balance, and Pain in Middle-Aged Women with Osteoarthritis
Yohan Yoo and Jongeun Yim
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci 2023;12:355-364

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